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what's your six word love story?

Can you sum up a relationship in six words?

Share your six-word experience with love - whether it's good or bad.

Jun 22 '14
"There was nicotine in his smile."
Jun 21 '14
"I hope she was worth it."
Jun 21 '14
"We won’t ever have enough time."
Jun 19 '14
"I’ve moved on. You should too."
Jun 19 '14
"You will be worth the wait."
Jun 19 '14
"I can’t believe you ran away."
Jun 19 '14
"Being mine would make you perfect."
Jun 19 '14
"You broke me and didn’t care."
Jun 18 '14
"If only you loved me back."
Jun 15 '14
"You were my greatest loss yet."